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Unleashing Creativity, Crafting Unforgettable Worlds

How We Make a Difference

November Interactive is a game development company that specializes in creating exceptional gaming experiences. Building on our background of porting games for Asian market, we have recently transitioned into partnering with well-known studios, assisting them in the production of sequels, seasonal content, and mobile adaptations. Our expertise in porting titles between different platforms and mobile game development has laid a strong foundation for our success in the industry.

Our services extend to creative and technical development, where we offer our expertise to support large studios in their game production. We understand the importance of maintaining the quality and vision of established franchises and work tirelessly to ensure that our contributions stay true to the essence of the original titles.

Collaborating with studios worldwide, we provide top-notch game development solutions that align with their vision and quality standards. Our team of passionate designers, programmers, artists, and writers bring diverse expertise to each project, ensuring that we deliver engaging, innovative, and memorable gaming experiences to players across the globe.

At November Interactive, we take pride in helping the gaming industry’s leading studios bring their creative visions to life. By offering our development services, we enable them to allocate more time and resources to new projects, while we offer our help in expertly handling the tedious work on sequels, seasonal content, and mobile adaptations. Together, we continue to shape the future of gaming and delight players with unforgettable experiences.

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What We Stand For

At November Interactive, we firmly believe that the key to creating exceptional games lies in nurturing a workplace culture that fosters creativity, collaboration, and a genuine love for our work. Our philosophy revolves around three core principles: passion, artistry, and a comfortable environment.

We are deeply committed to doing what we love and loving what we do. Our team members are passionate about their respective fields, and we encourage everyone to harness their enthusiasm to pursue excellence. When individuals are truly passionate about their work, the result is an engaging, innovative, and unforgettable gaming experience for players worldwide.

Embracing artistic expression is at the heart of our approach to game development. We understand that artistry can be found in all aspects of game creation, from concept art to programming. By cultivating an environment where everyone is encouraged to express themselves creatively, regardless of their role, we ensure that our games are infused with unique ideas, striking visuals, and innovative gameplay mechanics that resonate with players.

Comfortable Environment:
We recognise the importance of creating a comfortable and supportive work environment for our team members. At November Interactive, we strive to provide employees a space to thrive, collaborate, and feel genuinely at home. We understand that when our team members are happy and comfortable in their surroundings, they are better equipped to channel their energy and creativity into producing extraordinary games


“November Interactive aspires to unite people through the magic of storytelling and innovative experiences. Driven by passion and the belief in our collective creativity, we remain dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments that bring joy and connection to our world.” 

Seung-Hyun Kim, President of November Interactive.

By adhering to these guiding principles, November Interactive has consistently delivered exceptional gaming experiences that have earned the trust and respect of our partners and players alike. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our philosophy, ensuring that our team’s passion, artistry, and comfort stay at the core of every project we undertake.


Team executives

Min-jun Lee

CEO and Co-founder

ji-yeon Kim

Chief Operating Officer

Min-Joon Choi

Chief Creative Officer

Jovan Scagov

Chief Advisor


Min-jun shin

Art Director

valerian Sedov

Head Advisor

Jeong-min ho

Procurement Specialist


Human Resources

nikolas frey

Project Manager



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